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RNR Trade Corporation Company Limited (RNR) is a Non-Bank, Trade and Financial Company that has been established for over 20 years. The company has been engaged successfully in trading business activities for many years. This skilled knowledge base and experience has complimented our clients very effectively in handling various types of trade credit financial services.

The company with its principals, its team of business and trade credit finance professionals has varied and vast experience in Banking and Trade Credit Financial Services. This has grown to a collaborative group with RNR having created a specified and boutique firm capable of offering trade credit financial and consulting services related to business trade. The company is selective on the clients that it feels able to best represent and offers services to. The benefit to the client, once on board, is that RNR provides its focused attention and resources to support the clients’ trade activities and avails all possible resources for growth.

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RNR has seen that clients have taken advantage of access to more capital for businesses through trade and financial facilitation which include and not limited to import / export transactions that mostly involve supporting credit facilities, financial assurances, issuing or broking in financial instruments to back up payment commitments, obligations, and purchase of goods. These types of business activities again are not limited and are accepted internationally by banks and financial institutions globally. RNR operates in an advisory, consulting, and brokerage capacity to supporting its clients needs to easier access to banking trade credit facilities. The involvement is engaging with the client from inception of a transaction to completion ensuring all documentation and deal flow is closely monitored throughout the process.

With the ever challenging Covid pandemic that is being experienced worldwide, RNR has stepped up further and has had visionary foresight to help and further support its niche clientele. Not only has procurement become more intense, but market access and sales have also become more challenging with escalating costs. The logistics have also proved to be a huge hurdle to overcome with extra costs and longer lead times. Through our resources and expertise, RNR is still able to conduct and is resilient in its support for trade business in these difficult times. Greater considerations have been required in applying special terms and conditions in the trade financial instruments applied to secure the movement and ownership of goods against trade credit payments securely.

RNR believes in offering support services for business trade with its clients in the import and export industry, project finance, and other types of businesses. The guiding principles remain the same in the transaction of goods or services. We note that finance is playing a huge role in how countries are doing business with each other. The roles of financial institutions are to provide security when business is being done across country borders. This could be in services required in offering a Tender Guarantee, bid on a construction project, or provide a Letter of Credit to purchase goods. Our company has the ability to arrange for the facilitation of such issuance for all these different types of commercial Letters of Credit, financial and or Performance Guarantees based on the clients acceptance to criteria, KYC, and applicable terms and conditions.

RNR with its principals and associates has access to a collaborative group of professionals and experts on the ground in various parts of the world that represent various areas of business. These are in heavy infrastructure, construction, service industry, commodities, and various types of business. We are able to offer guidance to our clients to attain their specific project and business goals.

RNR Trade Corporation Company Limited has an international presence through its principals, associates, and professional network in Thailand New Zealand, the USA, and correspondents in Europe, United Kingdom, and the USA. RNR is able to draw upon these established relationships with bank and finance institutions and have access to services in issuances of various commercially acceptable SWIFT transmitted trade credit.