"At first I was not sure about the idea of using a letter of credit backed with someone else's collateral. RNR Trade Corporation Company Limited was patient and helpful in teaching me how the process works and getting me up to speed with the right products and services to grow my business. I would highly recommend them to any company which imports goods as a primary business activity. They are truly fantastic."

Jayesh Soni

Gujarat, India

"Run down the list of trade finance specialists. You won't find another company that does what RNR Trade Corporation Company Limited do. They provided a letter of credit for my business in five working days and truly solved an enormous headache. If we did not have access to their product, we would have lost revenue. Plain and simple."


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Sometimes with our overseas manufacturers of apparel we need to purchase a letter of credit before the supplier will accept an order and perhaps we need additional liquidity to meet those requirements. RNR Trade Corporation Company Limited helps us meet those requirements without reducing our cash on hand and it is a breath of fresh air because we have never been offered this kind of thing from a bank."

Sumeet Gupta

Hong Kong